Aug. 26th, 2010

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I've had this idea for a novel for a few months now. It just started with a character having to deal with a *change* (didn't know what, except it was supernatural), and his father being involved, somehow. I had a daydream where they would fight enemies in a parking, exchange gun shots, steal a car, and go away.

I've been thinking of that idea a bit more, last week, and came up with a very basic plot. Still kinda blurry. I had a big problem with the antagonist's motivation. Fortunately, as an exercise, I wrote a fake conversation between her and one of her henchmen. That allowed me to understand her, as well as my henchman who's turning out to be a very interesting guy.

Overall, I decided it was taking shape, and no matter how big the plot holes, it was time to start writing.

Boy oh. This "writing a sex scene" bit must have had a bad influence on me. The first scene finds my young male protagonist in a dark alley with his boyfriend. They're, uh, a bit naughty, but don't want to get caught. I wanted to convey a sense of urgency and danger. Then something clicked.

There were two elements I took for granted: it was meant to be an urban fantasy, and my protagonist was gay. In my original setting, he's very at ease with his sexual identity, and is rather open about it. Now... that scene in the alley... Midway through, I realised it had to take place in the Victorian era. More difficult, so more fun, and it means that Donovan's homosexuality becomes a *problem*, not just a sexual preference. Oh, it also means I have to rethink half of the plot and most of the setting.

So, back to the drawing board. I'm quite fascinated with how this story is building up. I suspect there might be a few false starts with this one...

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