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Right. So you're reading my journal.

First of all, you're welcome to subscribe. I don't have filters at the moment. I have a few f-locked entries. I usually don't post anything too personal, so that's a level of privacy I'm comfortable with.

I'm French, but this journal is written in English. That's one of my idiosyncrasies. I've "adopted" the English language, or, I would hope, English has adopted me. It's crept up on me over time.
Unfortunately, my English is not as good as my French. It doesn't help that I'm a WIP (writer-in-progress). I've tried, really tried, writing stories in French. I used to. It just doesn't work any more. So I'm stumbling my way around words. It's slow.

Other bits:
- Fanfic: I've written a few Stargate fics, and before that BtVS fanfics (these are in French). I like reading long fanfics, mostly gen or where the ship elements isn't the whole point of the story (think Coquette and Peasant for BtVS, or the Tablet for Stargate). About ships, I prefer slash. My Stargate fanfics have heavy Ho-yay! moments (aka bring-your-own-slash). Sorry, I can't help it. But if you don't squint, you won't see it.

Thus said, I won't be writing much fic anymore. First, I haven't had a TV for 10 years. I'm hopelessly behind when it comes to TV shows. Second, I'm moving on to original fictions (I daren't say n-o-v-e-l, less I jinx it).

- Music: I play bluegrass mandolin and guitar. Won't say more, because that borders on personal.

- Theatre: same deal. I act in an amateur troup. It's good fun, and more. :) I'll take theatre classes once I'm in England.

- I'm Raindrop Drinkwater in Second Life. I "paint" clothes. My computer overheats, so I'm on a forced hiatus there.

- I do sports. Body Pump, Body Combat, stuff like that. I used to run in the mud, but my knees are busted, and so is my back. I'll try again in a few months, once I've got enough muscles to compensate.

- I'm a tad messed up in the noggin'. Borderline personality, they say. Bah humbug. I recognise myself in the definition. It's better than it used to be (I've fought a few bouts of depression, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and fun stuff like that). I feel fine, now.

- Big warning here:
I tend to disappear for months at a time. Sometimes, because of the aforementioned social anxiety. Sometimes, because I don't have access to internet. My life isn't stable. I'm often unemployed, or over-employed, and I move every few years. In a couple of months, I'm going to New Zealand, then back to France, then to England. I'm a country-hopper, and it takes time to adjust.

When I disappear, bear in mind, it's nothing personal. I have a crappy notion of time. I don't know whether a day is a week, or a week is a month -- it feels the same to me. That's one part of my noggin' that doesn't work *at all*, and my psy (and I) think it will never improve.

I try to warn beforehand when I'm going to vanish, but I don't always. I'm sorry, in advance. :( It is probably the *one* idiosyncrasy that's caused me the most problems in my life. I've lost friends because of my lack of follow-through. Because I didn't realise I hadn't called them in months.
So, uh, if you still want to, I'll be very happy to have you on my friends list. :)

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