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At long last, I've learned Act II of the play.
(I'm in an amateur troup, it's my third time on stage, yay!)

This play is awfully tough. It's in dialect, translated from French. Some of the sentences don't sound natural. Even I, who don't speak dialect, can see that. The grammar is awfully complicated. The text doesn't have the straightforward speech style of our dialect. My lines are awwwwfulllllyyy looooong, with lots of imbricated clauses that run on and on while shoving tons of information down my character's throat, a bit like this sentence.

I can't fault the translator. He did a very good job. It's just that... well, the other two plays were written in dialect from the get go, and the rhythm was very different.

So, on top of the slight problem of learning lines in a language I understand but don't speak, there's the added difficulty of a stilted sentence structure. And more lines than I've ever had. And, well, the play itself has structural flaws, imho (beyond the language issues). No scenes. It's all talk, no action. But never mind. I'm in. I'll give it my best shot anyway.

I hope I won't stumble too much tonight. I've got Act I down pat. The first half of Act II is smooth, but the second half... Meh. It's hit or miss. I'll learn Act III this week-end. It's shorter, shouldn't be much of a problem.
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