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A J/D slabble. Hurt and Comfort at high velocity, PG.
Do you think I'll ever rate higher than PG when writing slash, anyway ?

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A tiny plot bunny has given me an opportunity to hide a bit from the huge freaky plot rabbit of hell, aka the Big Bad Meanie New Bitch Of A Story.

J/D drabble. Rating's up to you. It depends on how deep in the gutter your mind has fallen. So, PG-13, but only if you're innocent. Which you're not.

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Second story in my Jack/Daniel slash drabbles serie. From Jack's POV. I hope I can create a coherent serie, keeping the same POV and focusing on the evolution of Jack and Daniel's relationship. Rating: PG (for now).

#2. Of Sparks and Fire.

Almost a brother. Almost my son. Surely my best friend. He is all that, and he could be more.

Firewood cracks and lights his glasses with sparks. He is chatting with Carter in this language made of big words, small chuckles and bright grins only they can understand.

Every now and then he looks at me. An evil glint flares up in his eyes; its intensity outmatches the flames of the campfire. He smiles this sly smile of his, and turns back to his twin.

Yes, he could be more. If only I allowed it. If only he wanted to.

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SG-1 fanfiction.

Pairing: Jack/Daniel
Rating: PG

Of Objects and their Nature.

I love to sneak up on my clueless friend. Tonight he is caressing a vase, feathering its curves with this sensual touch that makes my mouth water.
"I want to be a vase," I lip off.
Daniel startles. I catch the artefact and shelve it.
"Certainly not."
"Vases are female. Round, hollow objects traditionally depict the ability to bear children."
Bummer. I scan the mess of his office for a male object. "An obelisk!"
He leers at me, my mischievous archaeologist. Did I say clueless? I was wrong. "You know obelisks always come in pairs, don't you?"
I do.

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