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Talk about bad timing.
It looks like the ficathon (that I completely missed) finished today. Everybody's posting stories.

I'm looking for a job, so I *don't* have the time to read fanfic.
Well, I opened [livejournal.com profile] destina's one. Just because... my mouse slipped. Yups, it was a computer glitch.

I read the beginning. Daniel's on a planet with a team of scientists. Setting: the jungle. Shit hits the fan. Jack sees one very damaged guy.
I'm writing a story, where... Daniel's on a planet with a team of scientists. Setting: the jungle. Shit hits the fan, and Jack sees one very dead guy.

Our stories are probably very different; still, I won't read hers until I've finished writing mine. I don't want to unwittingly plagiarase her work.

I suppose I'll just have to write faster...
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This morning started as a "oops", and ended up on a "Whoa !"

The "oops" : I realised my fanfic "Stay in Touch" had already been nominated last year. I wonder if it's all right to put it on for the awards this year again. I'll have to check.

The "whoa" : last year winning fic for the Jack/Daniel friendship category was Siege by Seanchaidh.

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Wow ! I'm just back on the net, and I find out that I've been nominated for the Stargate Fan Awards ! Thanks a lot, people !
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Bad me! The fanfic isn't going to write itself, is it?
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Update, a couple of hours later... I've finally managed to gather enough courage to work on my fanfic. The problem isn't I can't write. In fact, I've been writing a lot those last few days. In a notebook. So I need to type everything, and that's why I'm procrastinating. It feels a bit like doing the laundry...

I can be forgiven. Here's a sorry sample of what my drafts look like. And that was on a good day.

So here's what I typed today. Comments welcome, especially if you spot some grammar mistakes.
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All right. Way to go, Tef. I was supposed to work on my fanfic, but I found a new way to avoid it for a couple more hours. I'm such a chicken! At least, it's somehow related, as the Big Bad Meanie New Bitch of a Story is a tag to Double Jeopardy.

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All right, first, I hate being sick. But the good thing about staying home is that I can watch Stargate in the evening. Sweet.

Yeah. Except that tonight's episode -- and keep in mind that this will be the only episode I'll be able to watch this month, if my schedule holds true -- was "Proving Ground". The one before, you ask? "Wormhole X-treme!".

Now, Wormhole X-treme! made me smile, but if I had to pick my favourite episodes, it wouldn't be on the list. And then this "Proving Ground" thing. Shoot the girl already! This Haley Mary-Sue character pissed me off the first time I saw her, and she hasn't improved since. I was so full of hope when she was dying in the 'gate room, and then I learned that this part, as well, was a spoof. Grrrrr.

Who thought that a spoof would be a good idea anyway? Two episodes in which *nothing* happens, that's a bit much.

The only good thing was Daniel shooting at the rookies. It was too short, though, and not deadly enough! Way to waste an episode.

And my temperature is up again. I wonder how I'll cope at work tomorrow.
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Bloody hell. It's not quite two o'clock in the morning, and I should know better than still being awake that late when I've come down with a cold, but I was caught, no, hooked and trapped by a fanfic.
Two Sides of the Coin, by Dith
Jack/Daniel slash. Wonderful descriptions, a full-blown story with two detailed settings and a great set of original characters. Don't believe Dith when she says that sex is only a small part of the story. Technically it's true, but it's mind-blowingly good sex. The kisses were wonderful. I wouldn't be able to take much more of it. Beware, though, that it dives into the idea of non-con. Some parts squicked me.

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