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First the writing stats: 7049 words written last week, or an average of 1007 words a day. It's getting there!
I've decided to get rid of the detailed logs, as writing daily has now become a habit. :)

The landlady visited the flat yesterday. She seemed happy. After all, I haven't broken anything, and it's clean (apart from that cheap pvc flooring in the kitchen). She wants to change the heaters and the shower, and maybe install a kitchen. That means that she'll probably won't want people to visit before it's done. Good for me!

I'm also very proud with having finished writing the technical instructions for the databases I've created for work. A colleague tested the document. She was able to create her own base. :-) I can see myself writing technical documents in the future. I'll have a look into it, jobwise.

Another thing I'm proud of: I've phoned the police to signal an abandoned car (probably stolen) on a parking. This would have given me a fever a year ago. Real fever, with the chills and aspirin and the whole kablooey. Today? Not. A. Problem. Who would have thought that phoning the police would make me happy? :D

It's not just the writing that's getting there. :)
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Note to self: do not write scary mirror scenes before going to bed, especially not if there's a mirror in the bedroom.

Dreadful week (I had to really drag these words out), but, to my surprise, it averaged out quite nicely. It's still a far way from the rhythm I would need for NanoWriMo. I don't mind. I'm writing!

DayWords written that dayTotal
That week
745 w/day5125

I combined two characters into one. That blocked me a bit yesterday and today, so I ended up writing an eulogy of sorts for the deleted character. That was fun to do. :)
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Goodie, I'm setting into a pattern.

DayWords written that dayTotal
2010-09-20541 (198)19152
That week
642 w/day4499

On Monday the 20th, I wrote 541 words, but I also deleted a short scene. The "198" is the difference between these two, and it's what gets added to the total.
I had a case of the lazy on Thursday. Friday didn't start very well, and then, whoosh!

I can't believe I've passed the 20000 words mark. I'm in the dreaded middle of the novel. The excitement from the beginning is just a memory now, and the reward seems far away... still, I'm trudging along. The plot is shaping up, and so are the characters. It's... well, it's hard work, much harder than the beginning, but at the same time, it's kinda comfortable.

It reminds me a bit of when I was at school, smelt that odd metallic smell from the ink staining my fingers, and heard the buzz of the neon lights. I had the quiet certainty it would last forever.

Writing the middle recreates that perception of timelessness.
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This week, just on the WIP:

DayWords written that dayTotal

To which, I can add 948 words written on friday the 17th (for the inkstains' submission).
Saturday was a glitch. I was out all day, and thought I would be able to write in the evening, but I was exhausted. I did try, though.

I brainstormed quite a bit on some scenes, and come up with a way to reunite two of my characters. I fried a few neurons for that. :-D

Not counting the short story, it adds up to 3916 words, averaging 559 words per day. Not as good as last week, but I'm keeping with my 500 words a day self-imposed minimum. I spend less time than before stuck with nothing to write, so I hope to increase that minimum to 600 sooner rather than later.
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I just wrote the first draft of a black magic scene of my WIP.
Word count: 666.


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Okay, on behalf of my renewed resolution of putting my butt in the not-so-comfy chair and write every day, here's the result after the second week of that regimen (for my current WIP)

This week's writing log: )
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500 words today.
I finally have a clear visual image of the village the story is taking place in, since one of my characters has decided he wanted to bike through the most interesting parts of it. The descriptions aren't anywhere near as clear as my mental image, unfortunately. That's really not my forte.

Short story:
I've rewritten the scene that lacked punch and gotten rid of one minor character. I had to reorganise / rewrite a few paragraphs to adjust to the new situation.
Now there's a huge scene staring at me with beady eyes. I have skimmed over it when I first edited the printed version of the story; I really need to give it a good second look. I'm sure I can tighten the prose. Too many long sentences in there, I must have stuck a truckload of double adjectives, adverbs, and compound sentences.
I find that editing is just as difficult as writing the draft in the first place. And that's just the rough edit. Can't wait to tackle the details. :-|

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